Why dorKk?

We all want the very best education for our children. Whether we homeschool our kids, or send them to a public or private school, we walk the entire journey with them from Grade 1 to Grade 12, and we do everything we can to make sure they have a firm foundation for life after grade 12.

But for busy working parents, it's tough to juggle the responsibilities of home, work, and education.

Who's tried to cook dinner while revising phonics with one child, and attempting a Maths problem with another?!

A good education also comes at a cost. Besides paying for school fees, you have to budget for all of the added extras. Uniforms, stationery, sports equipment, and the inevitable ‘extra lessons'. dorKk is all about helping you and your children take charge of their futures through a quality education.


dorKks Value

Life gets complicated and expensive

  • Wouldn't it be great to have free access to an online platform to stream school lessons?
  • What if you could cook dinner while your child watches lessons online to revise for their accounting exam?
  • What if all of your kids could stream video lessons by qualified teachers at the same time?

Free school lessons

What if we told you, you can stream school lessons on all school subjects, from Grade 1 to Grade 12 for free.

That is what dorKk is all about.


What is dorKk?

It's an online learning platform that offers free school education.

It offers thousands of lessons to help your child with exam preparation, revision and online learning.

Through this platform, your child can access over 11577 lessons by highly qualified and experienced teachers. All of the lessons are in line with their curriculum.

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Get access to any Lesson, in any Subject, in any Grade


How dorKk can help your child.

dorKk is the latest 21-st Century version of at-home learning.

It gives your child the opportunity to improve their results by streaming high-quality lessons presented by qualified and experienced teachers in the comfort of your home.

From Grade 1 to Grade 12, the entire curriculum is covered in easy-to-understand, motivating and informative videos.

From Coding to Mathematics to English to Accounting, all of the key subjects are covered, at every level

If your Grade 2 child is struggling with coding, and you have no idea how to help them, simply sign up to the dorKk platform, and select the required grade and lesson.

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We empower the learners of tomorrow

Sample Lesson


dorKk's dynamic teacher, Caitlin van Duyn will teach your child all they need to know in a series of lessons specifically aimed at their age and level of understanding. From “Programming with Scratch” to “Creating art with Code”, your child will be able to learn, revise, practice, and re-watch the lessons as many times as they need to in order to grasp the concepts.

Sample Lesson


If you're worried that your Grade 8 child is falling behind after missing a couple of days being off sick, you can help them supplement their learning through the dorKk platform. Teacher, Petra Burger will help them with their Afrikaans word and sentence structure, and they will learn all about "Mechanical Systems and Controls" from Technology teacher, Dineo Khasu.

Additional Benefits of dorKk

The advantages of learning from home.

Kids who are nervous about asking questions in the classroom benefit from the video-style teaching on the dorKk platform. Instead of raising a hand in class, they can just rewatch sections of the lesson until they understand the concept.

The video learning is also beneficial for children who struggle with attention. If they feel like they are losing concentration, they can simply pause the video, take a break, and regroup. They never miss out on key information.


dorKk is also an invaluable learning and revision tool for learners

Student who are studying for their Maths, English, Afrikaans, Science, Physics, Accounting or Life Sciences exams will be able to revise and supplement their learning thanks to the recordings by dorKk's dynamic teachers.

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Lessons to assist your child with revision are at their fingertips

Its learning, but smarter

Utilise the tools that are right for your child's education.

dorKk provides flexible learning options for every students needs.

Revision with Dr Melanie Jacobs


Grade 12 is a stressful year for all – including parents! dorKk's is here to help.

The Final Steps

12 years of school

It's the final step in a 12-year school journey with your child. Their results in the grade 12 exams will determine whether or not they are accepted into further education, and will ultimately influence their future careers. Whether your child wants to enter a trade, become an entrepreneur, or work in the medical field, their grade 12 results will play a key role in their career path.

As parents, we know it's important that they have access to supportive learning resources to help them get the best grade 12 results possible. The dorKk platform is like having an entire school curriculum in your own home. All you need is an internet connection, and your child has access to everything they need to know from Grade 1 to Grade 12.

Get lessons from the best teachers

  • They can learn all about acids and bases and their chemical interactions with grade 12 Chemistry teacher, Dr Melanie Jacobs.
  • They can study the prescribed poems and books with English teacher, Dina Malan.
  • And they can analyse budgets and assets with Accounting teacher, Wendy Wood.


It's learning made easy

dorKk is also an invaluable learning and revision tool for all

dorKk provides flexible learning options for every students needs

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