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Video Ads

Energise your brand with video

Build brand awareness, engage with people who have seen your previous ads, and reach your potential customers when they watch or search for lessons.

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Display Ads

Capture attention

Build brand awareness and improve your reach with memorable, visually engaging ads that reach your audience when they're online or checking lessons.

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Achieve all your goals with one tool

Make your brand known

Improve your brand visibility to increase reach and engagement.

Boost your online sales

Show your ads where your potential customers are, and increase traffic to your site and your sales.

Generate in-store traffic

Attract customers to your establishments and increase your offline sales.

Maximise leads and conversions

Attract higher quality leads and improve your conversions.

Promote your app to new users

Promote your app to the right people to boost downloads and engagement.

A world of infinite opportunity

Harness the full potential of dorKk Ads


Reach your customers everywhere

Be visible in the vast dorKk Ads ecosystem. identify your best ad formats and more to maximise conversions.


Improve your ROI with tracking

Track conversions and get unparalleled audience insights. dorKk optimises your budget and helps you reach new customers with the highest ROI.


Fully control your budget

Thanks to the recommendations, set and adjust your monthly budget. With dorKk technology, evaluate your results and make the most of your advertising budget.

We can help you

Get started with our free one-on-one support. Create a custom ad plan with a dorKk Ads expert.

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