The Future of Education - How Online Learning Can Prepare You For Change

Heike Verhoef - 21 Jan 22

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Change is inevitable. Are we ready for the next one?m One thing you can count on in life is change. But what the last two years have taught us, is just how quickly that change can happen. When it comes to education, this cannot be more true. Schooling underwent a massive shift with hybrid learning, online classes, self-study, and remote instruction becoming everyday practices and phrases that parents and learners had to adopt. Technology had to adapt just as fast. And now that the infrastructure and some experience is there, the future of education is likely to adopt certain changes for good. The past two years have been eye-opening and now institutions have an opportunity to think about the needs of children and design a more catered and suitable education system. Inequality and accessibility can be addressed in new ways. This is one area dorKk aims to make a difference. By making the entire curriculum available for R149 per month, dorKk wants to ensure that the changes that came with the disruptions of the last two years are used to make a positive change.

In a blog article by the Harvard Graduate School of Education, the role of technological advancements in education is summed up as a tool that can be used in the service of creating a new and advanced way of educating. However, the possibility remains that the future might resemble the present in most ways. dorKk believes that digital tools can be used to further education as it looks today.

An accessible and affordable platform like dorKk can ensure that change does occur in a way that eases the challenges faced by students and teachers alike. For students, dorKk can provide thorough and expertly delivered extra lessons, ensuring that primary school students have a strong foundation to set them up for future success. For high school students, the supplementary online lessons and exam revision dorKk offers can help them stay on top of the demanding curriculum to ensure that they are prepared for examinations. dorKk is also a useful tool for teachers in need of help with lesson planning or to use as a flipped-classroom approach to teaching. With dorKk, you can be ready for the next change.

"One thing you can count on in life is change. But what the last two years have taught us, is just how quickly that change can happen. We have had to adapt at lightning speed. At dorkk we help your child get there too. By using the platform, you can guide your children to self-education. They choose a subject, choose a lesson and watch. They can pause and come back to it later if they need to. They can watch a lesson as many times as they need to. Go to Try the free trial. Get your child ready for the next change!"

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