The Best Extra Maths Lesson Strategy for Acing Your Exam

Heike Verhoef - 22 Jan 22

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An alternative to the mad last-minute extra lesson dash before final exams. Studying Mathematics is a bit different than studying for most other subjects. There is not any dense theory you have to work through, and bullet points you need to memorise. Maths is about practising. If you managed to keep up with homework and regular practice throughout the school year, you ought to be fine for the two three-hour exams during the final matric examinations. Just work through some past exam papers to get a feel for how the exams are set up as some last-minute preparation for the exam. Make sure you know your formulas! In the sit-down exam, you are given a formula sheet (it’s the same sheet for paper 1 and paper 2). Study them so that you can identify the right formula for the problem you are working on.

That being said, it is not often the case that you will feel well-prepared and confident that you will ace your exam by simply working through some past papers and studying your formulas and laws. The reality is that many of us seek a last-minute “crash course” on certain maths modules and clarification on concepts and rules here and there. That is why there is an increase in learners seeking extra maths lessons during exam time and often at the last minute. We get it, high school students are busy, juggling many subjects, sports and other extramural activities and social life. The right strategy can alleviate some of this stress and assist you in preparing for the final maths exam effectively. Don’t be intimidated by mathematics. With the right tools, you can tackle your final exam with confidence!

dorKk offers an alternative to pricey, last-minute extra lessons. Here is a list of three ways how extra online video lessons can help you prepare for your maths exams:

1. The whole CAPS curriculum is broken up into videos available on one platform

In the two maths, exam papers learner write at the end of the year there are many sections - algebra, functions and graphs, trigonometry, financial mathematics, probability, the list go on. Some of the modules were concluded early in the year and so when exams are near learners need to brush up on a lot of concepts. The ability to have an overview of everything you need to prepare and comprehensive videos that take you through the entire curriculum gives you the ability to pick and choose what you need to focus on. This is what you get with dorKk. The dorKk platform offers multiple video lessons on every module. The videos are aligned with the CAPS curriculum.

2. No time limit to your extra lessons

The exam is around the corner, and you feel like there is not enough time to work through everything you need to. The solution dorKk offers is that you don’t need to ask all the questions and work through all your problem areas in the few hours of extra classes you take before the exam. You might even be one of those students that enjoy studying late at night. dorKk allows you to watch a video, presented by qualified teachers, as many times as you need at any time.

Don’t be restricted in when you can get extra tutorials. Online video lessons allow you to study at your own pace so you don’t have to skip a beat. Everything you covered throughout the year is packaged into recorded videos that you can watch any time and as many times as you want. Pause, rewind, re-watch and skip as you see fit.

3. Refer back to previous grades

It is entirely possible that you might feel stuck or at wit's end because you are missing more fundamental information. When you progress in grades your teacher has to assume that you know certain concepts that you have covered in previous years. This is because a school year is only that long and there is an entire set curriculum that your teacher has to work through. Subjects like mathematics build upon the work of the previous years. If only you had the ability to go back to previous years to brush up on some fundamentals. This is why the dorKk platform gives you access to all the previous grades at no additional cost. The platform is easy to navigate, and you can bookmark other subjects and grades to make them easily accessible on your profile.

There is no arguing that final exams are stressful, and maths without a doubt often takes the cake. Be strategic in how you prepare. Online video lessons catered to the South African student is the best and most flexible way to get those last-minute extra lessons in. And once you’re signed up you have access to many other subjects like English, Accounting, Life Sciences and more to guide you through exam preparation.

Go into your maths exams with confidence! dorKk is here to help.

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