How to Ace Your Exams

Heike Verhoef - 21 Jan 22

Not sure how to study for a test? Here are a few revision and study tips to help you ace your next test!

1. Prior Planning

Before you start studying, find out what you need to prepare for. Find out what textbook chapters and topics the test will cover. Talk to your teacher about the test format. Will it be an essay, multiple-choice or short answer-style test?

2. Think Like Your Teacher

Homework assignments, class quizzes and daily notes are good indicators of what your teacher thinks is important. Use this as a guide on what you might be tested on.

3. Create Study Aids

Simply re-reading or highlighting your notes rarely helps you learn. Try turning your notes into flashcards. Find a study buddy and set up tests for each other or ask a friend to quiz you.

4. Cut Out Distractions

Give yourself an advantage by turning off the notifications on your phone and temporarily blocking your favourite websites. If you like studying music, stick to the instrumentals, so that you're not tempted to sing along. Taking regular short breaks will also help keep you focused.

5. Study Every Day

Remember that skipping school, neglecting your homework and procrastination automatically put you at a disadvantage come test time. Bolster your schooling, by exploring online educational tools. offers curriculum-based video tutoring that could come in handy during revision crunch time! Check it out.

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