Homeschooling Red Flags and How Online Learning is the Solution

Heike Verhoef - 21 Jan 22

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Homeschooling Red Flags? For many parents, the benefits of homeschooling their children outweigh that of public schooling. They prefer the more active role they play in their children's development and education, they see the value of a flexible learning schedule and they appreciate the increased opportunity for real-world community involvement. Homeschooling also offers children the opportunity to practice self-paced learning. Even homeschooling parents can benefit from online resources such as dorKk which offers curriculum-based pre-recorded lessons that children can view and engage with at their own pace (check it out here). This kind of educational resource can be a powerful lesson planning tool when done under the guidance of a caring and enthusiastic homeschooling parent.

Homeschooling your children requires dedication and resourcefulness as well as a lot of time. Most parents had a taste of this when the coronavirus pandemic turned schooling as we know it on its head. While there are clear benefits to homeschooling, most parents whose roles shifted to an educator with the school closures that followed the onset of the Covid-19 pandemic were not necessarily prepared for some of the pitfalls of remote schooling. Some parents could see red flags in the way their children learn at home. Jeanne Faulconer, a popular voice in all things homeschooling in the USA, identifies two of the most common red flags that come up in a homeschool setting: resistance from the child and resentment from the parent (especially when confronted with resistance). She offers this advice: "Let your kid off the hook. Let yourself off the hook. Go upstream, out of the moment when the problem manifests, and try to solve the problem collaboratively and proactively."

dorKk is the perfect tool with which to "go upstream". With the classroom-style recorded video lessons, your child can watch a video, presented by a qualified teacher, on a concept they are struggling with as many times as they need. If parents and children collaborate in this regard, the concept can be grappled with together - and this encompasses one of the most beneficial aspects of homeschooling. There is no need to skip a concept for the sake of staying within a certain time schedule or because there is pressure from an entire classroom to move on. Parents can work with their children until a concept is mastered.

"The last few months haven’t been easy. We’ve had to do homeschooling with our children. The benefit is, that we’ve been able to identify where our children are struggling. What we need is a bit of help for parents! Those red flags you’ve noticed while they’re learning at home… has a platform where we can give your child the help, just where they need it.
On the platform, they can choose the subject and lesson relevant to them. Go and have a look at We have so much to offer. We really can be a solution that will ease your burdens."

Yvonne van Wyk is a Counsellor and Educational Therapist that offers Parent Coaching through the HOPE (Helping Overwhelmed Parents with Education) programme. She is the founder of Balanced Brain where she uses her 25 years of experience to break down the barriers that stop people from becoming the best version of themselves. As a homeschooling parent herself, Yvonne knows all too well that red flags can pop up during at-home learning. She believes dorKk can help!

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