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dorKk - 26 Apr 22

We are committed to making education accessible to all. We deliver quality extra lessons presented by experienced and qualified teachers. Through our CAPS and IEB aligned video tutoring lessons, we encourage independent learning that enables every learner to stay ahead of their academic game.

Never worry about falling behind ever again

Accessible and affordable extra lessons

We believe quality education should be affordable, accessible, and in the hands of every learner. The face of education has changed - how we teach and learn should reflect these changes.

That's why we started dorKk, an innovative and unique approach that propels education into the 21st century.

Online lessons on the go. Our pioneering task is to transfer the entire CAPS and IEB curriculum to packaged video lessons and to make it available on our easy-to-use online platform. Our engaging, comprehensive and concise video lessons enable learners to supplement their schooling anywhere, at any time. We give learners access to extra lessons enabling them to study at their own pace. Our lessons make qualified teachers accessible and affordable to all.

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