6 Essential Tips to Improve Your Maths

Heike Verhoef - 22 Jan 22

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How can you improve your performance in maths? High school mathematics is no joke. But the power to succeed in maths lies in the hands of the student. You’ll get out what you put in. Mathematics does not have to be difficult, in fact, it isn’t. But it does require consistent effort and practice. When exams are around the corner or a big semester test is scheduled, you may find yourself panicking and wondering how you can improve your maths. And with the right kind of help and knowledge, you can improve your understanding of mathematics (and your grade at the same time). Here is a list of 6 tips on how to succeed in maths. The first one might be obvious, but there's a reason it’s at the top of the list…

1. Practice! Practice! Practice!

You’re probably tired of hearing this, but it is the truth. “The only way to learn mathematics is to do mathematics.” It is like learning a new language, the only way to become proficient in it is to have conversations and read books in the language you are trying to learn. With maths, knowing the laws and practices is one thing, but it’s only with continuous practice that it becomes second nature.

A good idea is to have dedicated “maths time” on a weekly basis where you practice solving problems. Make it part of your routine and you are guaranteed to improve your maths skills. Another important practice is to always do your homework. There is no use copying your homework from a friend or skipping it altogether. Your teacher is likely to assign a few problems that will pop up in tests and examinations – so doing your homework is important.

2. Understand the basics

A strong foundation in mathematics can make all the difference. There is no need to fall behind and you can easily stay on top of the work by revising the basic rules of maths. This might be hard when a teacher is moving along with a syllabus and you feel like you've missed something in a previous module. Go back to the work you did in previous years. That’s why dorKk gives you access to all the grades for one price so that you can refer back to previous modules and even grades when necessary.

Another important basic to master is algebra. Make sure you understand the fundamentals of algebra, these include the simple operation of mathematics like addition, subtraction, multiplication, and division. Understand the laws of exponents, expressions, and equations. A good understanding of algebra will make the rest of mathematics that much simpler.

3. Get extra maths lessons

It’s almost like the idea of extra lessons was created for maths alone. It’s always maths! But extra lessons can be hugely beneficial. It is easy to miss something in class. The teacher has a limited timeframe to work through the syllabus and has to cater to many learners at the same time. Extra lessons can be expensive, that is why dorKk is the perfect solution! The dorKk online education platform offers affordable extra lessons that cover the entire curriculum presented by qualified and experienced teachers.

Supplementary lessons can ensure that you don’t miss a thing. Online video lessons enable you to watch a concept you might be struggling with, over and over, until you have mastered the content. You can do this at your own pace and in your own time. Another benefit of extra lessons is that you get exposed to different ways of teaching that you might respond to better. dorKk is where can you learn maths online without breaking the bank.
For maths success, extra lessons never hurt.

4. Think of maths as a language

Like any other subject, maths has a theory. Make sure you understand the theory and reasoning behind why concepts are applied in a certain way. With deeper understanding, maths becomes easy and even fun! In order to master maths, you need to know maths terminology and what it means.

This brings us to formulas…how the language of maths is represented. Know your mathematical formulas and what they mean, understand the meaning of the symbols and what they represent. You often get a sheet with all the formulas you’ve learned at school but it is up to you to identify the correct one and when to use it.

Different languages have different conventions and laws that you need to follow in order to read or write it properly. This applies to maths. In maths, you have certain givens that you need to identify, to know what is needed of you to solve a problem. If you speak the language this becomes second nature – so know the laws and conventions of mathematics.

5. Understand how your calculator works

This might seem simple, and your teacher should go through how to use a scientific calculator in class (you can also find lessons on the dorKk platform explaining how to use your calculator for specific modules). But, not all calculators work the same. Nowadays you even get free online scientific calculators (like this video in which a dorKk teacher uses one to calculate trigonometric graphs). Know how YOUR calculator works. Enable yourself to recognise when you might be in the incorrect mode in order to get the best out of your calculator. It is your best friend in maths and maths success.

6. Know how marks are allocated

In maths, you get marks for various steps as you solve problems. It can happen that your final answer is incorrect but you get 3 out of 4 because your steps or calculations in previous steps are correct. Knowing how marks are allocated for maths problems can help you a lot during exams and tests. In the dorKk mathematics lessons, our teachers will point out and show you where you get marks and how many marks are allocated to different problems. It is also useful to consult past exam papers (which you can find online). On that topic, once you have the past exam papers – work through them (practice, practice practice!)

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