5 Tips for Studying at Home - There's No Place Like Homeschooling

Heike Verhoef - 21 Jan 22

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The global pandemic has delayed the academic year, and more and more parents have opted to homeschool their children. Here are some tips for parents faced with homeschooling challenges.

Have a Designated Learning Area

Try and emulate a classroom environment, as much as possible. Avoid common and group living areas of the home. The space should include your child's personality and educational needs. Ask them about their interests and design the space in such a way that your child will want to spend time there.

Don't Be a Stickler for Schedule

It's important to come up with a timetable that suits your family's routine. Try and stick to it as much as possible but remember that homeschooling can be flexible. For example, if your child struggles to concentrate early in the morning, it would be beneficial to their learning, to start a little later in the day.

Set Rules and Enforce Discipline

Come up with a homeschooling "code of conduct" and involve your child in this process. A lack of discipline can be detrimental to your child's education. So, it's important for parents to set boundaries and stick to them.

Set Goals

Keep track of your child's progress by setting specific daily, weekly and monthly goals. This helps monitor areas that need extra attention. It also keeps your child motivated and serves as an incentive to keep going.

The Internet is Your Friend

If you're not a qualified teacher, making sense of it all could be challenging. Luckily, there is a wealth of online resources and educational tools designed to help parents and children.
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