With the Right E-Learning Platform, the Internet can Help Improve Your Performance in School

Heike Verhoef - 21 Jan 22

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Let's talk about the internet. It can be a wonderful place, a place that boasts a wealth of knowledge at your fingertips. It has the potential to be a tool you can employ to better yourself and develop useful skills you can use in your everyday life. But it has a flipside - when the endless scrolling starts and the clickbait articles and videos catch your attention. Hours can be lost consuming content that offers only instant gratification but little transferrable knowledge. Tailored ads pop up everywhere adding more distractions as you browse the internet.

When it comes to education, learners can benefit from online lessons and videos available all over the internet to help them improve their performance in school and get the best out of their education. There are numerous tools like extra classes, homeschooling resources and content that can assist in exam preparation. But school children also fall into the trap of getting distracted, especially when they have to sift through platforms that offer recommended videos that can lead them to millions of cat videos or fail compilations - we've all been down that rabbit hole.

When it comes to using the internet for supplementary lessons or online tutorials, distractions need to be minimised. A dedicated platform that isn't riddled with advertisements where all the relevant lessons are easily accessible and organised is key.

"The internet is a great resource when you get stuck on a particular subject, and you need a bit of help. Once you hit the search button, you get hundreds of ideas and ways to help you. But then you end up watching cat videos for an hour. Rather go to a platform where there are no adverts, and everything is labelled and ready for you. Individual lessons, categorised into subjects. No distractions. That platform is dorkk.online. Go have a look and try out the free trial."

Yvonne van Wyk is a Counsellor and Educational Therapist that offers Parent Coaching through the HOPE (Helping Overwhelmed Parents with Education) programme. She is the founder of Balanced Brain where she uses her 25 years of experience to break down the barriers that stop people from becoming the best version of themselves. She understands that the internet is like a coin with two sides - it can hinder or advance achievement in school.

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